X99E-ITX. A small powerhouse.

The X99 platform is exciting, but this…


This is the Asrock X99E-ITX. It is the ONLY mini-itx form factor motherboard in the wild. The X99 platform has CPUs available with up to 22 Cores. Why not stick them all in the smallest box you can find?

With more powerful hardware in less space we can finally take the giant ATX rig off the desk. I don’t hate ATX sized cases, but in this new content hungry world it can be pretty handy to finally be able to build a powerful rendering station in a portable case.


Worried about IO? Stop that. We’ve got two Intel I218 NICS. Yes Intel. Onboard AC WIFI (Broadcom). USB 3.1 and USB 3.0. And best of all a PS/2 port for my ancient clack-o-matics.


Full PCIe 3.0 x16. Full length M.2. 3 fan headers. And a blue color theme.


Strangest thing about this motherboard is that it uses the 2011 v3 Narrow ILM cooler mounts instead of the traditional square ILM. Because of that the motherboard comes with a Dynatron heat sink and fan. After testing I would recommend tossing the included heat sink. It runs hot and the tiny fan is rather loud under load. Thank fully the motherboard comes paired with an adapter that fits most all in one liquid coolers. Personally, I ordered a Narrow ILM bracket for my EK Supremacy water block.

Overall it’s everything you could ever want if you want to run circles around an itx themed 1151 board…


Buy on eBay:

Asrock X99E-ITX (Buy on eBay)

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