Small, but Fast Workstation Build

We needed a small workstation with some horsepower to temporarily replace our Hydro Copper machine while the motherboard is out for a repair.

Let’s start with the case. Fitting on a tight desk environment was critical. Equally important was silence. We went with the Fractal Design Define S Nano. (Amazon, eBay) It is a simple, but elegant case that has ALOT of room inside of it despite it’s small footprint.



We only use X99 here. So there was really only one ITX option. That is the Asrock X99 itx/ac. (Amazon, eBay) Paired with a 5820k (Amazon, eBay) we were able to build something with some render power without breaking the bank.


Most of the work we do here is openCL supported. What has 4096 stream processors and is half the price it was when it came out? Answer: Fury X (Amazon, eBay)


Our power supply choice an EVGA 500W was kind of shaky. Although a great power source, a 600W would be better. Under SYNTHETIC GPU & CPU loads at the same time it got kind of noisy. In most situations you won’t load a power supply like that, but a 600W + power supply may be better for you.

Lastly we used a Corsair H105 cooler paired with an Asetek Narrow ILM adapter. (eBay)


Check out the video of this build on Youtube:

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