Hackintosh Build: Quad GPU. 9,216 CUDA Cores


Why would anyone build a hackintosh?

There are some applications out there that are for Mac only. Unfortunately Mac hardware is generations behind on raw performance. If you build something like this you probably will want to have another drive with Windows on it.

Getting these things to work can be tricky, especially when water cooled. When installing OSX often you will need to plug and unplug hardware to get OSX to install with Clover. If you have never done this before check out the great site Tony Mac x86 for detailed instructions for picking the right hardware and installation.


Things to note:

1) Because drivers (a lack of) are an issue with OSX you will need to find supported hardware. We decided to use the 4 780s because of their still excellent CUDA performance and MOSTLY because Nvidia supports Mac uses of these cards. The Nvidia web CUDA drivers work great. We were able to run the Blender BMW benchmark in 32 seconds.

2) Power efficiency and heat will not be optimized without heavy tweaking. This makes water cooling a good idea.

3) Overclocking can be done, but we noticed that what seemed to be stable overclocks (4.5 GHz on windows on a 5820k) would produce kernel panics on OSX boot. I would recommend if your motherboard has overclock profiles to set a more mild one to your OSX boot.

For all the details please see the video:


Caselabs Mercury S8 – Amazon

Asus X99-E WS – Amazon

Kingston HyperX DDR4 2133 (32Gb) – Amazon

Intel 5820k – Amazon

EVGA GTX 780 x 4 (Hydro Coppers in this Build) – Amazon

Kingston 240 Gb SSD – Amazon

2 Power Supplies
EVGA 1000GQ – Amazon
EVGA 500W – Amazon
Dual Power Supply Bridge – Amazon

Other Parts:

1 EK 360 mm radiator
1 EK 240 mm radiator
NZXT Led Fans
XSPC Tubing
Thermaltake G1/4 3/8 ID 5/8 OD Fittings X alot

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