GTX 1070 vs 970 vs 390. Shocking Benchmarks

Total War: War Hammer

No surprise that the 1070 easily dominates here.



We know Nvidia cards suck at OpenCL. What about OpenGL. They suck at that too. What was interesting was that the 970 beat the 1070.


Adobe Media Encoding

We upscaled some 1080 footage to 4K and then performed a vertical transform. All three cards took nearly the same amount of time, BUT the 1070 was the slowest.

Steam VR Test

All three cards performed well with the 1070 producing the highest quality frame rating (10.9). The 390 and 970 scored around 7.



For productivity the 1070 probably isn’t worth $400 unless you need the extra VRAM. 390s and 970s can often be picked up used for $150-200. Definitely don’t upgrade if you already have either card.

For complete details see the video:

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