**Attention this page contains a browser miner that helps support our site. Leave this page open if you want to donate!**

Check out our AMD Monero Miner and Nvidia Monero Miner at github. You can download a Windows Executable or you can clone the source and make your own build if you don’t want the miner to charge the dev fee of 2%. Or you can purchase the All-In-One CPU/GPU miner below for $5 that doesn’t charge a dev fee %.

Techdiode Miner for AMD

Techdiode Nvidia Monero Miner

CPU Miner

Also check out our mining pool. It isn’t paying out, but we appreciate you connecting to it to make donations.

Tech Diode Monero Pool

Check out our combined Nvidia, AMD, and CPU miner that works with Aeon and Monero

Techdiode All-In-One