Advertising rules, direct contact rules, fee sharing rules… How will attorneys remain relevant in a marketplace that is continually drawn to virtual interaction while being restrained by the professional rules? With web based legal services and no shortage of lawyers consumers are driven to believe that an attorney should be willing to work for $25/hr instead of $250 - $500. How do we survive in these times?

I believe just like in other professions, lawyers are going to have to go for quantity over quality in representation. This means utilizing technology to increase operational efficiency. What does that look like? As a software engineer and attorney I decided to roll out with a mobile app called Contracts Explained Georgia. This app allows users to upload a document that they are confused about and ask an attorney questions. It is designed to target the everyday uncertainty people have with documents such as purchase agreements, employment docs, rental agreements, or anything else where they might need some clarity or ease of mind that an attorney can provide. I used React, Ionic, and a basic NodeJS/Express server to launch the app on iOS, Android, and Web with one code base. This is an efficient use of time and I am thankful for Ionic and other frameworks that are cutting back on development time.

It is your turn to come up with creative methods to engage clients. I’m going to focus my energy on these types of solutions. Contact me if you are interested in hiring my office to help you turn that idea into working software.