I have said it before. Consumers want to be able to do everything without human interaction. It is sad, but it is where we are. Businesses need to increase their virtual presence. I’m not talking about having a plain app or website or even SEO. I’m talking about adding a virtual wing to your business. Can your customers interact with you in the same way they are able to in the store? Can they readily chat with you? View your inventory? OK NEVERMIND, THIS IS STILL TOO ELEMENTARY.

What about services? If I need a will or contract can that be done mostly online? Are you automating your process to make HR interaction more efficient? Can all of your employees be replaced by bots? I am not suggesting this. I am calling for business owners to review their tech stack and see if they can use virtual technology to greatly increase what current staff is able to do. If your bot or site can replace the administrative capabilities of 100 employees, put your employees in charge of running the bots and hire more employees to multiply your organization’s potential.

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