Some hate it. Some love it.

Consider using Ubuntu Server or a Synology unit to manage your network. Believe it or not Samba is a powerful alternative to Windows Server and works with Windows Clients. With open source technology you can save a considerable amount of money. Also, many I.T. experts will tell you these days that you are just inviting vulnerabilities if you are using Windows Server. So for a small to medium sized business what should I use?

1. pfSense. Make sure to use packages like Snort!

2. Ubuntu Server with ZFS or a Synology off the shelf unit.

3. For your Wireless solution Ubiquity is still the industry favorite.

4. For Virtualization use Proxmox. It is free. If you don’t like that –pay for a service package…

If Windows Server works for you keep using it. My point is that there are more than viable alternatives out there at the moment.